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About Crescent/Stonco

Lighting Solutions for Your World

Crescent/Stonco, a subsidiary of Philips Lighting, is a leading provider of contractor-rated luminaires that include high efficiency LED, HID, linear fluorescent and induction sources. We provide lighting solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional markets with luminaires that are the hallmark of the industry.

  • 1947

    Phil Stone founded Stonco Lighting as a garage operation in
    Brooklyn, New York in 1947.
  • 1950

    Stonco moves to a larger facility in Elizabeth, New Jersey followed by Kennilworth New Jersey.
    Stonco’s first product was an adjustable parholder marketed as a 150L. Patents for the adjustable locking arm and triple gasket is the first lampholder UL listed for above horizontal aiming.
    Develops products with unique “contractor friendly” features philosophy. Stonco steadily becomes the standard for outdoor lampholders, quartz floodlighting and low wattage HID floodlighting.
  • 1960

    Stonco expands its product line to include many new Contractor Friendly products.
    The company introduces a “Good,” “Better,” “Best” product philosophy that is still in existence today.
    Purchased by Glenn Bailey under Keene Lighting. Keene Lighting was founded as a result of multiple purchases that included Stonco, Sechrist, Sunbeam, Crescent and Light and Power.
    Stonco Lighting finally settled in Union New Jersey.
  • 1970

    The Wallcube is introduced and becomes the standard in surface mounted HID fixtures.
    Sister company Crescent Lighting was purchased.
    The 500 watt CPH Series quartz floodlight is modified to accept GE’s new medium base HPS lamps.
  • 1980

    The first low wattage wallprism (WPS) follows the SLA Miniflood.
    The GP troffer was redesigned and included the first troffer with hemmed edges.
  • 1990

    LytePro introduced.
    Formation of Genlyte-Thomas.
    Genlyte Supply Division was launched.
  • 2000

    The GP2 troffer is re-engineered.
    Stonco introduces industry changing FloodPak, adjustable wall, flood and surface luminaire.
    Philips Electronics, Ltd. acquires Genlyte and all associated brands.
  • 2010

    Philips introduces the global LEDGINE LED platform.
    Launches a full line of LED lighting.
    Incorporates wireless lighting controls in parking garages.
    GP2 troffer re-engineered with LED technology.

Crescent/Stonco lighting products are your best value because they are innovative, Contractor Friendly, and energy efficient. Our representatives and distributors are equipped to provide the very best service and technical support that gives you a distinctive advantage. To effectively meet your lighting requirements, we maintain over 35 stocking warehouses coast to coast.